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Fighting the Good Fight

When Abram Goldman-Armstrong founded his cidery, Cider Riot!, he thought he’d be attending to fermentations and crop reports. After an attack on patrons at his pubs by right-wing extremists, he’s had to think about bear spray and gas masks. 

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Ommegang the Unusual

When it was founded back in 1997, Ommegang was one of the most unusual breweries in America. In some ways, it is today even more unusual. In a hop-crazy country, Ommegang favors yeast character; in a time when hyper-local is hot, the brewery looks to Belgium. Let us consider its unusual ways.

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A Monastic Brewery Rises in Mt Angel

on November 11th, volunteers and monks of Mt Angel Abbey helped erect a timber frame building that will house the new monastic brewery. Monks have overseen this project, led the development of the beers, and will be the ones brewing the beer when the brewhouse goes online in early 2018.

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Reverend Nat and the Future of Cider

Local, artisanal ciders are doing very well. There's not a clear definition of "craft cider," but by one measure these cideries were up 40% last year. In key regions like the Pacific Northwest, Upper Midwest, and New England, they have taken root and seem to have emerged as a permanent player.

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