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Meet the Brewer: Rodney Kibzey

The annual national homebrewers conference, Homebrew Con, happens next month in Portland. To gear up, I have been speaking to local homebrewers about their approach and philosophy. Today we have one of the most decorated brewers in America, Rodney Kibzey.

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Sexism in Beer: Introduction

The recent cases of harassment by powerful men have given people the opportunity to subject the beer industry to a good, hard look. What the #MeToo movement offers is a moment to reflect on that hidden consciousness we've constructed and how it might change if we include the voices and presence of women.

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Trust Your Judgment

Don't buy the hype. In an increasingly confused marketplace with thousands of breweries and tens of thousands of beers, groupthink has identified certain winners. They're almost certainly good, but there are so many more out there that are also good--and possibly even better, or at least more suited to your preferences.

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