GPI and Growler Maps

A few months ago, Dave (who is precipitously close to being downgraded to "sporadic" in the blogroll) got the ball rolling on the Growler Index. At It's Pub Night, Bill has now converted these data into a handy map, so you can run a cross tab on the GPI/MPG ratio and calculate where your cheapest growler can be found. But the info doesn't stop there! Bill also converts the price you're paying for a growler into the equivalent for a six-pack so you can see what kind of deal you're getting.

So, for example, if you find yourself at Van Havig's Rock Bottom, you can secure a full growler for just seven bucks. That translates to a sixer of just less than eight bucks, or about what you'd pay in the grocery store. Go north to Deschutes, however, and you'll find yourself spending $15 for a growler--or the equivalent of over $16 a sixer. Ouch! (However, if you can get your growler filled with Dissident--ten bucks for 22 ounces--you're back on the side of thrift.)

It's a mesmerizing tool, so beware its seductive power.

For my part, I'd like to popularize the Growler Price Index GPI, or the average price per growler in Portland. Based on Dave's numbers from earlier this year, the current GPI is $9.95. Your over/under can be calculated here, too. Single-digit growlers put you on the cheap side; when you start getting into the double digits, you're paying a premium, even on growler prices.

Good job, Bill!

PHOTO: Benrue