Magic Hat Registers Voters

When I was in the Big Tent in Denver, a guy pointed to the empty glass next to me (which had had water in it) and said, "are you a beer drinker?" He might have chosen people at random--the positive response rate would have approached 100%--and in fact he did get a nod from me. Turns out he was there representing Magic Hat, the Vermont company that recently picked up Pyramid, who some years ago picked up MacTarnahan's.

Turns out they have an initiative to register voters. This isn't going to be particularly beneficial to Oregonians (the nearest half-rack of Magic Hat containing a registration form can be purchased in Chicago), but it's cool nevertheless. I told the guy he'd hit the jackpot, finding surely the only beer blogger in the joint. To make good on my word, I'm passing it along.

So: if you haven't already done it, go register to vote.
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