Pssst, Dissident's On Tap at the Brewery

The title really says it all. Well, I guess I could add the address....

Deschutes Brewery
210 NW 11th Avenue

Update. As DA Beers noted in comments below, the Dissident is available at the brewery in the Pearl. They have a limited number of bottles left--only a few dozen cases made it to the brewery, and someone came in today and bought a bunch of it. As you can see in the third picture below [whoops, forgot to put in the pics--I'll do it with the review--ed.], everyone was drinking it, too.

But you're wondering: is it worth going to the pub for? Is it worth $10 a bottle? I'll have a full review later on, but the short answer is this: it's one of the most authentic Belgian-style, American-brewed ales I've tried, and the only credible sour brown. In other words, run, don't walk.
Jeff AlworthTip6 Comments