In the Desert

I am in Yuma, Arizona, visiting my parents. This is certainly no one's idea of a beer haven, but when we went out to eat last night, I was rudely reminded of what a lot of America looks like beer-wise. We were celebrating Sally's birthday, so we went to the nicest restaurant in town. Three pages of wines, a full bar, and about a dozen beers available (none on tap). When we asked which ones, the list started out "Bud, Bud Light, Coors, Coors Light, MGD," and continued in that vein until finally they came to Sierra Nevada Pale and Guinness. Those thrown in, obviously, for the out-town-freaks who like that "heavy" beer.

On the positive side, I tracked down a micro from Tempe. The only one in the local store (though they did have BridgePort IPA, Pyramid and Widmer Hef, and Mirror Pond), but I snatched it up.