From South of the Border

Further updates on my foray south. Went to Mexico yesterday, to the border town of Algodones, Mexico. I don't know the history of the town, but like other border towns, international commerce is a big feature of the location. In this case, that meant pharmacies, liquor stores, and dentists lining the roads into town. Lunch was at a wonderful little place that served a trancendent chicken mole (though for this vegetarian, heavenward is perhaps not the direction I'm headed). And the beer list? Pacifico, Modelo Especial, Negra Modelo, and Corona (The Grupo Modelo brands). Why is it that, with the exception of Corona, Mexico's national brands are so far superior to our own? Pacifico is one of my favorite light lagers, but since it was a bit nippy, I went for the Negra, another fave.

Tried the Four Peaks 8th Street Ale last night. It is a traditional English best bitter, with Fuggle and Golding hops. A bit watery in the middle, but crisp and authentic. A fine beer that I wasn't surprised to see earn some GABF hardware. At some point, I'm going to ruminate on the kind of beer you find in the sunbelts--and why I'm surprised that they haven't evolved beyond traditional examples of English and German ales. (Maybe Stan knows something.) But no time today.

Headed back to Beervana tomorrow, and out of the desert. Not a minute too soon.