Raccoon Lodge Rocks

This kind of thing makes me all warm inside. From Ron Gansberg, Raccoon Lodge/Cascade Brewing head brewer:
Hi Jeff,
Sounds like a great time on the Islands. We wanted to make good on our pledge to pour an "honest pint" and decided to take the high road. We have brought in 20 oz. Imperial pint glasses and we'll hold to our pint price...no change. We do sell our "Temptor Belgian Style Tripple" and some specialty beers in a 14.75 oz teardrop glass. All other beers are now on Tap in a 20 oz. Imperial Pints. Keep up the good work!
That's a trifecta by my reading: new glassware, no increase in price (ie--a decrease in per-ounce price), and a full 20-ounce imperial. Raccoon Lodge gets a gold star and a new listing on the Honest Pint list. Oh yeah, they also brew beer:
We are bottling a Belgian Style Cuvee. It is a blend of barrel aged and lactic fermented Quad, Tripple and Flemish Reds. The beer is going into champagne bottle, corked and basketed and will be laid down in ricks to finish lactic fermentation for bottle conditioning.
Also, reviews of their kriek and blackberry lambic (I think it's a lambic) are about to appear in the Beer Advocate. You can find their beers in big glasses at the brewery. I'll try to make it out there next week and report back on the beers.