Guinness Open Gate Baltimore: The Brewery

Last week I traveled to Baltimore to learn more about the new Guinness brewery project unfolding there. I wanted to be one of the first to delve deeply into the thinking behind the project, its scope, and its goals. Today we'll get into the brewery project itself, which is breathtaking in its ambition.

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Jeff Alworth
Aging Beer: A Coda

One should never age most beers, and the beers one ages should never be aged very long. Leave a bottle in your cellar that dates to the Clinton administration and it’s going to suck. Unless something very rare and special happens instead.

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Meet the Brewer: Rodney Kibzey

The annual national homebrewers conference, Homebrew Con, happens next month in Portland. To gear up, I have been speaking to local homebrewers about their approach and philosophy. Today we have one of the most decorated brewers in America, Rodney Kibzey.

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