Sunday Afternoon: Stand With Old Town

This Sunday (11/19), Old Town Brewing is hosting a rally in the cause of their trademark battle with the city. The #StandWithOTB movement has sparked enough interest that Nat West of Reverend Nat's decided to organize this--which is exactly how these things build momentum. Once people with no vested interest in a public policy issue get involved--especially when there are a lot of them--politicians take note. Effective campaigns build energy over time, and that eventually makes it impossible for politicians to ignore. (Full disclosure: I had nothing to do with this.)

Rally to Support Old Town Brewing
Sunday Nov 19, 1-4pm
5201 NE MLK Blvd
Facebook event page

Of course, it's a brewery, so you'll be able to get a pint or two. As activism goes, hanging around a pub drinking great beer is waaaaay easier than many of the alternatives. (And on a beery note, I'll mention that Old Town just released their new NE IPA, Pillowfist, which is definitely worth stopping in for on its own merit.)

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