Even More Podcasts!

Another week, another raft of podcasts--though this looks to be the last of my guest appearances for the foreseeable future. I hope you'll be interested in all of them, but let me draw your attention particularly to the first one. It's Drew Beechum's Experimental Brewing podcast. I did an episode of "Brew Files," which is a deep dive into a single subject. In this case, we looked at national tradition--which regular readers will recognize as my classic schtick--but because we have 45 minutes, we really got into that subject deeply. We talk about what it is and how it manifests ultimately in the beer we drink. We take one particular example and look at how history, politics, drinking culture, and brewing approach all conspire to give us ceske pivo.


Next up we have another edition of The Four Top, OPB's food and drink podcast hosted by wine writer Katherine Cole. In this episode, cider gets our gimlet eyes, and by we I mean Bushwhacker's Jeff Smith, Cidercraft's Erin James, and me.


Finally, Patrick and I make a field trip to Hopworks to discuss canning with head brewer Trever Bass. If you've listened to past episodes, you'll know we got some mailbag comments correcting our misunderstanding of canning--but we wanted more. Trever gives us the scoop. He was the perfect informant, too--his explanations are very clear, linear, and, even for scientific boneheads like me, understandable. We also taste some Hopworks beer, go through the news, and manage to get out in just over an hour! Enjoy them all--