The Changing Market

I will be posting spottily this week--and you will probably be reading in the same mode. However, a Facebook post by Stephen Beaumont has been perking in my brain for the past few days:
US Beer numbers: In 2015, AB InBev & MillerCoors together lost over 4.34 million barrels of volume, equal to about 18% of craft beer market. If trend continues, and the US beer market overall remains stagnant, that makes room for 4 new Sierra Nevadas every year.
And will the trend continue? Yes, unless it accelerates.  Let us consider the trends:
Mass Market Lager: shrinking substantially
Imports: growing
Craft segment: slowing growth
Beer overall: shrinking marginally
All of this makes for an interesting and dynamic marketplace, which is the cause of both interest and (for some) anxiety.