Is Kona Hawaiian; Is Guinness Irish?

The brewery as I found it in
2008, with my phone cam.
Over at the (one, true, original) Beer Nut, I'm having a spat with the host.  He got his hands on some Kona beer and described it as the "pseudo-Hawaiian Kona range" from Craft Brewers Alliance.  This is factually incorrect.  It's not a line, it's a brewery.  Kona has been making beer on the Big Island for nearly twenty years and, rather than have a company ship a load of bottles deep into the Pacific Ocean, fill them with beer, and ship them back to the mainland, Kona decided to have Widmer contract brew their brands in Portland.  Now: you may despise contract brewing and you may consider this an abomination from the ninth circle of hell.  Fair enough.  But it is not within your authority, even as a well known Irish beer geek, to divest Kona of the land underneath its feet.

He raises a more interesting, existential point in comments, however:
That there is a Kona brewery in Hawaii that produces beer sold in Hawaii does not change the non-Hawaiian origin of the beers I drank. The Budweiser produced in Dublin is also produced in St Louis, but that doesn't make one's pint of it American beer; it makes it pseudo-American beer.
Really?  I wonder how the average beer drinker feels about this.  If you're tippling a Guinness on Saint Patrick's, would you feel cheated and deceived to learn that your pint was brewed on North American soil?  Would you consider it "pseudo-Irish?"  (This would be a big problem for Guinness, though they don't think you'll think it's not real Irish; the brewery proudly proclaims to make it in fifty countries worldwide.)  In many cases, companies make different products for different countries (Mexican sugar Coke versus American corn-syrup Coke), so one might well toss out a "pseudo" if she's feeling saucy.  But if the product is made the same?  AB InBev works very hard to make sure the Budweiser in Ireland tastes identical to the Bud in St. Louis.  Should the customer have to do a background check to determine provenance? It seems like everyone involved would be appalled to think of Dublin-brewed Bud as Irish.

I guess my view on this is clear enough.  What's yours?