So Close and yet ...

There's a French brewery called Brasserie au Baron a stone's throw from Belgium, southwest of Mons. And I mean that literally; it's about a hundred feet from Belgium. As is WAY too common among French breweries, Baron appeared to have no website* and therefore no way to be contacted. This was frustrating, because I wanted to discuss Cuvee des Jonquilles, easily the most pleasantly named beer in the world.

What's very strange is that thanks to modern tech and Google, I can actually look at the brewery. I can drive around the mannered little town of Gussignes, and I can see the river on the banks of which grow the jonquilles that inspired the name of Baron's saison.

It's so tantalizing I can actually peek inside the brewery's window.

I sat there, toggling back and forth with an uncontrollably visceral sense that I might actually be able to catch someone's attention. I can put my nose to the virtual window, but in truth, I am thousands of miles away.

All of which is to say that if you want to have a gander at that rare foreign brewery, sidle on over to Google maps. Chances are you can get a great view.

*As it turned out, as I was toggling around, I happened to notice that on the Google maps page, there was a link to the Au Baron website, so it all turned out fine. Don't know why it wasn't popping up in the search, but I guess technology isn't foolproof.
Jeff AlworthFrance6 Comments