An Apology to Pubs and Breweries

In the six years I've been writing this blog, I've done my best to pass along event information sent to me by breweries and pubs. I am choosey, but I have tended to highlight events on a regular basis. I've also tried to give public feedback on any beer sent my way.

At this point, I receive at least one email every weekday alerting me to an event or new beer--or new blog or some cool link, invitation to a cool event, or any manner of interesting missives. Perhaps you've sent me one. If you're wondering why I never post the info you've sent me, it's because I've run out of time. About the best I can do is put up a post--and as you've seen, the content tends to be tethered pretty firmly to whatever I happened to be working on that day. I've got a deadline for May 1 that is requiring huge gobs of time, and the blog is suffering (as is my ability to maintain even my incredibly low level of event-participation). Don't expect anything to improve until after May.

I do apologize--one of the joys of blogging is the interaction, of being part of a community of bloggers and beer fans. Things will be back to normal after the first of May.
Jeff AlworthMeta2 Comments