The Four-Pack

One other interesting thing about Widmer's Deadlift is how it's being sold: in a four-pack. They aren't pioneering that system--Boston Beer, North Coast, and others have been doing it for awhile--but they're the first Oregon brewery I know who's giving it a whirl. When I certified Widmer's honest pints last week, I spoke to Rob about it, and I think Widmer as interested as anyone to see if four-packs are a viable way to sell expensive-to-produce beer.

The idea is to sell a four-pack at a six-pack price. I saw Deadlift at Freddy's yesterday and it was selling for $8.50. To use Bill's excellent six-pack equivalent system, that puts the price at $12.75. Spendy for a sixer, but quite competitive when compared with 22s. The cheapest 22s retail for about four dollars, a six-pack equivalent of $13.09. Five-dollar 22s--also quite common--have a SPE of $16.36.

I personally like them because when I buy an 8+ percent beer, I don't want to have to commit to a 22 or find a partner. But my preferences aren't always (read: almost never) reflected in the larger public. Will consumers look at the hefty price, the short box, and instantly think 'rip off?' or will they appreciate the relative value and convenient scale of the four pack? Time will tell.