More Texture in the Beer Sales Numbers

Coupla days ago I mentioned that the craft beer segment managed to grow over the past six months, even while the economy jumped off the cliff. Today there's news that the macro market, on the other hand, has joined the economy in freefall:
  • Overall beer volumes are down 4.1%.
  • Bud Light volumes down 8.6%, losing an entire share point. Pricing up 67 cents per case.
  • Budweiser down 13.8%, losing an entire share point. Pricing up 78 cents a case.
  • Miller Lite down 11.5%, losing 0.6 share, with pricing up 79 cents per case.
  • Corona Extra down 4%, flat share, but with pricing down 74 cents a case.
  • Heineken down 12.8%, share 0.2, with pricing up 34 cents a case.
The trend is described a "more ghastly" than anything "since the doubling of the federal excise tax in 1991." But not every company is getting killed:
Maybe the third leg that holds the stool up is the two in-between brands that defy categorization, the brands that are neither premium nor craft nor sub-premium nor import. I'm talking about Yuengling and Pabst Blue Ribbon, and both are doing great. Yuengling and PBR are both up 31% in July on similar off-premise bases, with Yuengling up 85 cents a case and PBR up 90 cents a case.
As a discussion point, let's hear theories about why Pabst and craft beer are doing well while Bud and Corona are tanking. Don't get too cocky, either: for added points, you must explain why Coors Light has avoided Bud's fate and managed to eke out a 1.1% gain. Good luck!

(Hat tip: Lisa Morrison)