Special Honest Pint Project Commendation to Belmont Station

Since the Honest Pint Project's launch, there have always been problems it could never solve. Short of mandating that pubs serve all beer in government-certified glasses that feature a prominent line demarcating a specific volume, there will always be gray areas. (And let's not kid ourselves--such a system comes with its own baggage. Someone has to pay for the government to oversee and regulate such a system, which means additional taxes. Guess where they are levied? Right, your pint of beer. So careful what you wish for.) Those gray areas were explored in depth in comments on yesterday's post.

In light of that, I'd like to offer a special commendation to Belmont Station for their glassware, which exhibits the kind of precision and transparency I wish every bar had. As you can see, there's a clear line indicating 16 ounces. When I dumped the beer into my measuring cup, it showed the same volume as the glass had--just a bit over 16 ounces. (See photo here.)

So cheers to you, Belmont Station, for exceeding even the high standards of the Honest Pint Project.