Five Officially Certified

At long last, I've gotten off my keister and have actually started to officially certify pubs as Purveyors of Honest Pints. Certification Saturday was a good launch, and here are the five we managed to visit (in order of certification). Keep in mind that we already had one official certification--Hot Lips Pizza, who sent in their own certifying photo. (You can do it, too: here's how.) Here are the next five--be sure to patronize them!

Roots Organic Brewing

1520 SE 7th, Portland
Honest pints $4.50

Lucky Lab

915 SE Hawthorne
1945 NW Quimby
7675 SW Capitol Hwy
Honest Pints $4.50

BridgePort Brewing

1313 NW Marshall
3632 SE Hawthorne
Honest Pints $5.00

Horse Brass Pub
4534 SE Belmont St
Honest Pints $5.25
website (currently down)

Belmont Station

4500 SE Stark
Honest Pints $3.00 (and up)