Brett Joyce Responds

A week ago, an emailer wrote me that the Portland Rogue (Flanders Street) was pouring short shakers. He offered his name and a picture of the offending short pour in a measurer. At long last, Brett Joyce has commented:
The truth will set you free. The Rogue Nation has been proudly serving Ales, Porters, Stouts, and Lagers in 16oz pints in all Rogue Meeting Halls for 20 years. We also provide all guests with a complimentary 4 ounce “taster of the day”.

See the photographic and video evidence below to see for yourself: video, competing image.

We look forward to wearing and selling Honest Pint T-shirts and to an official apology.
You can be the judge. However, Brett, to comply with the Honest Pint Project's goals, you gotta serve 16 ounces of liquid, not a 16-ounce glass. I am not calling out pubs using 16-ounce glasses, though. You are charged by my readers with using the dreaded cheater pint. I haven't made it out to do my clandestine, definitive measuring, so I remain agnostic. As always, the buyers will decide. (Rogue's response is an impressive one. You put thought into it, guys, thanks!)

Thanks for commenting--