The Honest Pint, Further Thoughts

The latest incident of dishonest behavior has provoked a bit of speculation about the Honest Pint Project and how to proceed. Although I've been slow to get the site up and running, I've actually thought this through. Here's how I plan to do it (eventually).

Honest Pint by Definition
I'll certify pubs for serving 16 ounces or more of liquid. When someone orders a pint, they expect a pint of liquid, not that they're getting 14 ounces served in a 16-ounce glass. The project is designed to reward good behavior, not punish bad behavior, so we can afford to be stringent on this requirement.

Certification Process
I hope to make this a national initiative (or anyway, the Wall Street Journal and NPR coverage have made me want to), so I had to come up with a way of certifying pubs I can't visit. The process will be the same for everyone. They'll need to take a photo of the contents of the pub's glass in a clearly-market measuring cup. The liquid contents must measure at least 16 ounces. The picture should be taken in a distinctive part of the pub so other patrons can verify by quick visual inspection. (At the bar, for example.) Once someone submits this photo, I'll list the pub on the site as a "Certified Purveyor of an Honest Pint." Finally, I plan to make up stickers that announce the place as "Certified Purveyor of an Honest Pint" and mail them out to the person who took the photo (or the pub, whichever).

I have meant to go around and do this in Portland as a way of showing how to do it, but December's a packed month. Probably in January.

Help Fund the Project!
In comments on the Rogue post, someone suggested that it would be cool to have a t-shirt. You're in luck! I've made up two versions (light and dark) in women's and men's sizes. You do it through Zazzle, and they cost a premium because they make them individually, but I get a couple bucks without having to spend anything. That will help fun the website and cost of printing stickers for pubs. I ordered one, and the quality's good. Zazzle has it set up so you can order the shirts in any style or size you wish.

Men's dark

Men's light

Ladies dark

Ladies light