Update on the Honest Pint Project

I have been neglectful in returning to my effort to encourage the use of "honest" pints (16 ounces or more). You can read about it in detail here--but essentially, the issue is the widespread use of 14-oz. shaker pint glasses (aka "cheater pints"), those heavy, slightly tapering glasses in ubiquitous use throughout the city.

Below you'll see an update, along with a list of those verified users of the cheater pint. Encourage them (gently) to switch--most probably don't know they're offering 13% less beer than a regular pint. As always, holler if you have an update.

Certified Purveyors of an Honest Pint

Breweries and Brewpubs
BridgePort - 20 oz., $3.75
Clinton Street Brewpub - 16 oz, $4
Laurelwood - 16 oz., $3.75
Lucky Lab - 20 oz., $3.50
Mash Tun - 20 oz., $4
Pilsner Room (Full Sail) 16 oz, $[?]
Rock Bottom - 20 oz., $[?]
Raccoon Lodge - 20 oz., $[?]
Roots Organic - 20 oz., $4.25

Pubs and Taprooms
Bailey's Taproom - 20 oz shakers, $4.50
Belmont Station - 16 oz shakers, variable prices
Concordia Alehouse - 16 oz $[?]
County Cork - 20 oz, $[?]
Goose Hollow Inn - 20 oz, $4.25
Horse Brass - 20 oz, $4.25-$4.75
Moon and Sixpence - 20 oz, $[?]

Higgins - Various, $4.75 and up

Confirmed Peddlars of the Cheater Pint

McMenamins [See update below]
Old Lompoc

Pubs and Taprooms
The Henry
Produce Row

[Update - The McMenamins have lodged a complaint. They claim no such use of the cheater pint, a fact I cannot square with my research. However, I will investigate ASAP. For the time being, we'll remove them pending appeal. If I am mistaken, effusive apologies will follow, a spectacle regularly seen on this site.]