The Honest Pint Project

I have made sporadic hay of an issue of some import to denizens of Beervana: the use of the dreaded "cheater pint." This bantam-weight shaker-style glass offers a maximum of just 14 ounces of liquid--a baker's dozen or less if there's any head. They aren't quite ubiquitous, but you find them in the majority of pubs, restaurants, and breweries around town. Going back to the mid-90s, gonzo beer writer William Abernathy pioneered the campaign against cheater pints, and the battle has been taken up from time to time. To, obviously, no great avail. Maybe we had it backward, though. Maybe the goal shouldn't be shaming the delinquents, but praising the good and true.

So, beginning today, I plan to assemble a list of pubs and breweries that offer an honest pint. Below is a woefully incomplete list, but you have to start somewhere.

Since the main enemy of this project is lack of thoroughness (abetted by my native holing-up instinct), I would love your help. However, in order for this to be an authenticated guide, I need some info from you. In an email (the_beeraxatyahoodotcom), include the following:
  • Type of glass,
  • Ounces, if you can determine them
  • Per-pint cost
  • Picture or web link showing the type of glass in action.
As I was assembling my tiny little list below, I was shocked at how little I remembered which type of glass was used. Horse Brass? Been there 800 times and damned if I can remember. I'll include any place that serves beer, sorted by type.

Let's make Beervana proud!

Breweries and Brewpubs
BridgePort Brewery - 20 oz. pints, $3.75
Laurelwood - English-style pint, $3.75
Lucky Lab - English-style pint, $3.50 [?]
Mash Tun - 20 oz. pint, $4
Rock Bottom - English-style pint, $[?]
Roots Organic - 20 oz. pints, $4.25

County Cork - English pub glasses, $[?]
Goose Hollow Inn - 20 oz pints, $4.25
Belmont Station Cafe - 16 oz pints, $[?]

Higgins - Glassware appropriate to style, $4.75 and up