Ninkasi Has Landed

Last year, I labeled Ninkasi's Believer the best of the year. But for most Portlanders, it has been hard to get a pint. With luck, that will change. This, from the brewery:

Home Sweet Home

Hey there, Believers, we have finally started brewing in our own building! Last week we brewed 440 kegs worth of beer in both breweries to begin our transition. We should be in 272 Van Buren exclusively by July 7. We have beer available for the 4th of July and for Country Fair so hurry up and buy some beer so we can start paying the bills.

It has been an amazing year. We started brewing in Springfield June 20 last year. We started brewing in the new building almost exactly a year later. We brewed almost 3200 kegs of beer and were brewing at the annual rate of 4600 kegs when we maxed out our capacity in Springfield. We open in Eugene with almost three times the capacity we had there.

Look forward to the favorites you have all ready tried and get ready for new beers this Summer. We brewed Tricerahops our Double IPA last week. By late August we will release Goddess a Bavarian Helles and Lady of Avolan, a Munchner Dunkel (Dark German Lager, rich in caramel and chocolate flavor).

For the Harvest we will do a Dortmund lager for Oktoberfest, which in at least one batch will feature fresh hops from the harvest in Willamette Valley.

On that note we are proud to announce that Ninkasi will host the Fresh Hop Tastival in Eugene at our site October 20. Upwards of 25 fresh hop beers from around the state will be on tap. More info will be available soon.

We look forward to a Summer of fun and growth and we thank you for all your support to get us where we are now! Ninkasi pledges to uplift the spirit in the Whit and in Eugene as a whole.

We love Believers!
Emphasis mine. Foyston had some details about this last week, but I didn't get around to posting about it. He adds:
The move into the 14,000 square foot building had been delayed by at least three months, Floyd said, and there was beer to be brewed. "We were beyond thrilled to get permission to occupy-- we need to catch up with orders for Ninkasi Believer and Total Domination IPA, and I know that the Point Blank guys (the craft beer distributing company) are just waiting for product so they can explode into the Portland market. . . ."

The brewery doesn't yet have a tasting room, but you will be able to get a tour and legally buy a pint, though not a growler. Floyd plans to have an actual tasting room later, and he hopes to have a formal brewery- warming perhaps in August. Ninkasi Brewing, 272 Van Buren St., Eugene; 541-344-2739.
If anyone sees Believer on tap somewhere, give me a holler--