New Laurelwood

This just in:
Due to everyone's overwhelming support, we have been able to expand to a bigger, better space! Our new Pub & Brewery will be located at NE 51st and Sandy Blvd., next to the Rheinlander.

The new Laurelwood Public House & Brewery will open sometime this weekend. We can't give you a date (since we don't know) but it will be over this weekend.
I guess I didn't realize this, but apparently the plan was to shift the original into something not quite like a brewpub:
Our original Pub & Brewery at 40th and Sandy will close Tuesday night to re-open in mid-July as Laurelwood Pizza Co. We will still feature antibiotic and hormone-free meats on our pies, organic tomatoes for our sauces and try to incorporate Laurelwood beer into everything we do. Watch for us later this month!
This is good news, as far as I can tell. Although I never got around to reviewing it (I intended to!), the Laurelwood had a lot of virtues, but atmosphere was not among them. I found the current/old site to be extremely loud and chaotic no matter when I went. And there were always scads of kids there--more than most restaurants, let alone brewpubs. That's why I regard this info as welcome news:
We will continue to brew at 40th and Sandy for that pub. Our new location will be a little more adult friendly, but still feature play areas for the kids. You'll have to see the new layout and decide for yourself. Our outside deck might not be open this weekend but next week at the latest.
Maybe the kids will be located away from the table next to me. Not that I'm an old codger who likes to have a beer in relative peace, but--oh wait, I am actually an old codger who likes drinking his beer in peace. I am attracted to the idea of a family environment more than I am attracted to families. So, good.

They will have a couple new beers on tap, which is de rigueur for any new openings. I'll try to get over there sometime in the next couple weeks and do a review.