A Pint for Oden

So here in P-town, we've very excited about the arrival of a long, tall drink of water named Greg Oden. He's the new Shaq, except gracious and cool--which is apt for Portland. Maybe the new Bill Russell. Anyway, as it does when anything special happens, I thought to raise a pint on this occasion, which got me thinking--which pint?

Oden is tall, obviously, also tenacious, smooth, amusing, and smart. Given his sweet nature, nothing particularly hoppy. Still, he's fierce, so nothing mild will do. I wondered about a Duvel-type Belgian strong, which is a lot of strength that goes down easy, but Duvel is a little to frilly for a low-post guy like Oden. I toyed with an old ale--Oden looks like he's 37--but that's a gimmick. It's not far off, stylistically, though. Let's move up the aisle, to where the beers are big and smooth, strong but pleasant, to Scotland, land of the big malt.

There it is: a wee heavy for Greg. Cheers!