Four Corners is the Anti-Ballast

Constellation Brands has purchased its third American craft brewery yesterday. The distance between the purchase of Four Corners and the initial acquisition of Ballast Point, however, illustrates just how much beer has changed in two and a half years.

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Happy Independents Day

The headwinds blowing at independents in terms of structural disadvantage, long hours, modest profits, and generational change make their long-term existences tenuous. So to those scrappy, determined, offbeat, and traditional independent breweries out there, I salute you.

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Vignette 31: Peter Bouckaert

Peter Bouckaert is one of the most celebrated brewers in the world. He got his start at Rodenbach and then came to the US and New Belgium Brewing where he started the wild program. I interviewed him about that project in 2012; he has since gone on to found Purpose Brewing.

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Are Hazy IPAs Due For a Fall?

Most breweries have jumped on the hazy IPA train, and many breweries offer several different versions. This means more mediocre hazies are flooding the market, diluting the trend. Will matters stabilize, or are hazy IPAs about to suffer a fall?

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Guinness Open Gate Baltimore: The Brewery

Last week I traveled to Baltimore to learn more about the new Guinness brewery project unfolding there. I wanted to be one of the first to delve deeply into the thinking behind the project, its scope, and its goals. Today we'll get into the brewery project itself, which is breathtaking in its ambition.

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