The Politics of Pronouns

Where choices exist between two ways of writing something, the result will be political. The use of pronouns has been an especially fraught choice, and my writing has evolved over the years I’ve been writing this blog.

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Brewers Aren’t Inspired By the Widget Model

One brewery model seems to guarantee an avid crowd willing to pay top dollar for new releases: a blend of hazy IPAs and pastry beers supported by a youthful-urban brand of bright colors and hand-drawn art, whimsical names, and a business approach of single-release beers sold in cans. So why aren’t more new breweries replicating it? 

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London Porter Reborn

What does it take to revive an old beer? In the case of Truman’s 1840 Porter, a brewery in Chicago, malthouses in Massachusetts and Norfolk, England, brewers from London and Chicago, and a brewing historian. 

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