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The Use and Misuse of Beer

Why do politicians invoke beer in their periodic set-pieces? They think it bespeaks blue collar authenticity, the drink of the everyman. In the politician's grab bag of easy symbols, beer is like a pair of jeans, a hunting rifle, steel-toed boots, a pick-up truck.

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Let's All Have a Beer

There are a few public spaces out there where this might happen, but honestly, there aren't many where you're going to come into meaningful contact with people with whom you disagree. In most bars in America, you'll find liberals and conservatives drinking amicably next to each other.

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Oregon Breweries Get Political

Since Trump's election, the once safely-sequestered world of politics has been aerosolized and released into the environment, where it touches everything. I guess it will have to be a running theme here on the blog, since every week seems to bring another example of the way in which breweries have entered the political fray.

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