Inside JW Lees

Another quick-and-dirty pictures-only post. (Plus captions!) I’m in Belgium today and will be off to see Brasserie de la Senne.


Paul Wood, currently in charge of the test brewery, who was the longtime head brewer. He started at Lee’s in 1972.

Steam power had just been born when the brewery was built, so while it’s a tower brewery, the mash tun is in the cellar, right next to the fermenters. Odd!

Kettle. Batch size is 200 bbls, though they can do ones as small as 100.

Steam coils salvaged from the old kettle (by, I think, Paul Wood).

Pipes under the kettle.

This was designed for the coolships, which sat up in these rafters. Now there are offices and the laboratory underneath.

Rails for rolling casks. They go right under the office, where the rumbling is very loud. It’s like a gravel truck driving by.

More rails.

An old bit of history.

Brewery yard.

More brewery yard. Lees also contract brews for Carlsberg.