Amazing Beer Lame Pub, or Vice Versa?

I threw up a simple poll on Twitter yesterday. Without definitions or explanation, I asked whether you’d choose a lame pub with amazing beer or an amazing pub with lame beer. The choice was easy for me. I can make do with pretty bad beer if the pub is good. If I’m going to spend an hour or more in a physical space, that’s what I care about. But I’m clearly an outlier.

From the first minutes of the poll—which is going to end up with more than a thousand responses, two-thirds of you care about beer more than pubs. The question also sparked quite a discussion, which you can read here.

Basically, it breaks down into a couple camps. For most of you, the beer is the experience. ZappaMustache captures it thus: “How could a pub be amazing if it had lame beer?” Matthew Curtis captures the opposing view: “I surprised myself with my vote, but I guess that shows how much I’ve changed. The pub wins over the beer for me.”

Consider this your Saturday morning 🤔, and feel free to make your case in comments.

Jeff Alworth4 Comments