On the Road

Last night I touched down in beautiful Newark, NJ. This morning I’ll make the trek across the mighty Hudson and spend the next week some little burg called New York. The headline events revolve around The Widmer Way including, tonight, a reading and beer tasting at The Strand. (Powell’s and The Strand for the same book—not bad!) It’s at 7:30, so do come if you’re nearby. Look also for appearances on Beer Sessions Radio and Steal This Beer. And I hope some of the reporters we are planning to speak to will also give the project some ink.

Most of the business will happen by Wednesday, and then I’ll have a couple days to soak in the sights. Beyond this “work,” I’ll meet my editor at Workman to touch base about The Beer Bible 2nd Ed that’s underway. 

And of course, I may pop into a brewery or pub while I’m here. You know, if time allows. No promises, but I may do a bit of road blogging in real time. In either case, I’ll be documenting things on social media, so select your fave (Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook) and keep an eye on them, as well. Finally, delivering on our promise of weekly shows, Patrick and I will have a podcast up tomorrow.

I’ve already got a few destinations in mind, but if you have suggestions, I’m always happy to hear. I’m especially interested in spots that are fantastic but underexposed. They need not strictly feature craft beer. (I’m not planning to go back to McSorley’s—the cover photo is of my last visit—but places like that are spectacular.) 

Stay out of trouble while I’m gone—