The Beervana Podcast Goes Big

Patrick marvels at our new studio.

I am happy to announce that the Beervana Podcast, which Patrick and I have maintained as a kind of garage project effort, is going big time. A few weeks ago, a producer from local radio station XRAY (91.1 and 107.1 fm) contacted us. That producer, Will Romey, was looking for more content in advance of an expansion to the AM dial, and has been assembling an eclectic mix of local podcasts to fill out the clock. This is unambiguously good news for everyone with an interest in the pod—whether you love the old one and don’t want it to change or have drifted away in frustration with its shortcomings.

We don’t plan to change the content focus at all. It will remain the same podcast in terms of tone, subjects, and format. You’ll still be able to find it in your favorite podcast-streaming service (iTunes, Soundcloud, Player FM, etc.). Our particular jocular stylings, described recently as dad-joke humor, will survive. What will change are all the things we’ve heard you complain about:

  • Because we’re recording in a real studio, the audio will be much, much improved.

  • The audio will actually be lightly edited by Will.

  • Because it will be airing on the radio as well as functioning as a podcast, we will reliably post a new pod every Tuesday.

  • Because we’re professionalizing the whole shebang, we’re actually planning out the calendar ahead of time so that shows are planned and prepared in advance. The content should be fantastic.

This is all very new, so I’m sure there will be more to report. In the meantime, give a listen to our maiden voyage and see if you don’t love the new audio.


XRAY is a noncommercial radio station, but there are still bills to pay. We’ll need to find a sponsor or two to make this happen. (One thing about the newly-reliable release schedule is that it will demand more from Patrick and me in terms of commitment and time.) Our current listenership is decent and it will take a big leap as we get plugged into XRAY. I know from working with Guinness on this blog that sponsorships are a great way to help both the sponsor and the content-producer. This is a great opportunity to forge that relationship now. Please email me if you have interest and I can loop XRAY in on the discussion. (See “About” on the menu bar at the top of the blog.)

Happy listening! 

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