The Coolest Thing Ever

I have now worked with four different publishers, and they all had much to recommend them individually. But none has ever done something as cool as Ooligan has—a book trailer: 

I’d seen archival footage before, but here it’s cleaned up and brightened. The animations at the end are really nice, too. Along with fantasy professions that never came to be, like playing point guard for the Blazers or drumming in a punk band, writing and directing films was up there. This trailer is as close as I’ll ever get. 

Incidentally, here’s what you’re seeing. At :07, Kurt mills grain at the original Lovejoy brewery. At :29, Rob reacts with relish to a sip of what I thik is Hefeweizen—and it also appears to be at the original brewery. At :34, both brothers are standing at the worksite of the new brewery on North Russell St. 

And since this is a post of indulgent self promotion, I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you you could preorder the book here. Also, put this on your calendar: I’ll be doing an event at Powell’s—maybe even a reading—on Friday, April 5th at 7pm. 

Jeff AlworthComment