What Brewers Earn: The Full Downloadable, Printable Report

Attached here is a pdf of the full, edited, and nicely laid-out report of the brewer compensation survey. You saw the report in three posts I did here on the blog, but this is a complete version for you to download and share. And please do! Nothing would make me happier than to put this into the hands of every brewer in America. Again, you can download it here.

Since this would otherwise be an extremely brief post, I’ll offer you most of the new introduction from the report. It will give you a sense of the thrills and excitement contained within.


The findings presented here are very much in line with survey results available elsewhere. In addition to the Brewers Association numbers, private companies also survey brewers and make their findings available to brewery owners. I was forwarded the results of one such recent survey by an owner who had purchased them. Bart Watson of the Brewers Association also sent me their most recent numbers, for which I am grateful. Because each survey is a sample, the numbers are not identical for each position at each brewery size. Nevertheless, the findings in this survey are very close to those of the Brewers Association—sometimes slightly higher for one job, sometimes slightly lower. I am confident they reflect the actual wages and benefits paid to brewers in 2018.



The three sections of this report were originally published on the Beervana Blog on September 4, September 6, and September 25, 2018. I have edited the text for clarity and conversion to a single report. Internet links have been replaced by footnotes. For the original posts, please consult beervanablog.com.



I want to thank everyone who filled out the survey. You took this seriously and shared your insight and experience in comments. What I’ve been able to compile as a result is a rich sense of where the industry is right now. I couldn’t use every comment, but even if your comment doesn’t appear here, it helped inform this report.

I hope these findings are shared broadly by the thousands of brewers and brewery workers in the US, and that you use them to acquire fair compensation for the work you do. Many breweries already provide fair compensation, but for those who don’t workers can now be armed with information to advocate for more. Thanks and good luck—

Jeff AlworthComment