Happy Labor Day—and Welcome to Labor Week on the Blog

Best wishes out there to anyone who works for a living. Despite an economy that has grown for ten years and despite record profits for many American companies, workers have seen very little of all this success in their paychecks. You do the work that makes the economy hum, and I salute you. 

This post kicks of Labor Week here on the blog. I’m going to be reporting out the results of my worker compensation survey, but before I tell you what brewers, cellarpeople, and packaging folks do make, I’m going to do a post on what they should make. We’ll talk about living wages, total compensation, the fraying safety net, and how workers in other countries are treated. Seeing a baseline number is only useful if you know Against what you should be comparing it. Americans are conditioned to see the world through the eyes of business and entrepreneurs (especially true in an industry like craft beer); I’d like to take this week to shine some light on the workers’ perspective.  

in the meantime, enjoy your burgers and brats and have a tasty cold one— 


Jeff AlworthComment