Memorial Day Program Notes: Charm City, Lambics, and Cannabis Terpenes

Greg Pease/Getty Images

Greg Pease/Getty Images

In a couple hours I will be headed to Baltimore.* My sponsor, Guinness, is flying me out to see the new brewery. I’ll be there all week and drop in on other breweries in the city as well. (Your recommendations are welcome.) There’s a lot going on in Maryland these days, and I hope to sit down with Liz Murphy and discuss it for the podcast. I’m looking forward to getting an inside view on Diageo’s thinking as they make this bold entry into the US market and what their plans are. Should be a fun and illuminating trip. (Former blogger-of-the-year Oliver Gray is arranging the whole thing, so I’ll be in good hands.)


Shortly after I return, I will be hosting a full immersion lambic experience in Hillsboro at McNally’s Taproom. We’ll be discussing the history of lambics, the style’s fascinating characteristics, and how they’re made. I’ll have photos on hand of the process from two of the luminaries of the trade, and of course we’ll be tasting examples as we go along. It’s a badass lineup, too: Boon Mariage Parfait Oude Geuze, Hansen’s Oude Kriek, Oude Beersel Oude Geuze, Lindeman’s Cuvee Rene and a local beer made in the same way Block 15’s Cherry Turbulent Consequences. Seating is limited, so get your tickets here.

Guided Lambic Tasting, 3 pm Saturday, June 2, McNally’s Taproom, 370 East Main Street, Hillsboro, OR.


Finally, we have a new podcast out. In the latest episode, we speak to a very special guest about the emerging legal cannabis market—which has many in the beer world good and freaked out. Our guest gets us up to speed on how this whole thing works and then divulges some fascinating information about all the work cannabis producers are doing with terpenes, the volatile hydrocarbons that give cannabis its flavor and aroma. You may be interested in this, because those terpenes are identical to the ones in hops’ essential oils, which give our hazies their flavors and aromas. Breweries could possibly learn a thing or two. Listen to it here.


* I’m thinking Baltimore could use a new sobriquet. The ones listed here—Mobtown, Harm City, America’s Comeback City—could use a little work. “Charm City’s” okay, but who’s wants just okay?