2018 Reader Survey


There comes a time in every blog's life when the blogger thinks, "You know, rather than just guess randomly about what my readers like, it might be good to actually ask them and find out." That time has come for Beervana, the Blog. Below you will find a very short survey that will help me understand you and how to provide better content (just 7 questions, about 2 minutes long). This will help establish a baseline and every year or two I’ll check in again to see how things have changed. 

in the post-Cambridge Analytica era, you might worry that I’m collecting your personal information. Rest assured, I have no way of tracking you, I won’t be collecting emails or personalized info, and all your answers will be aggregated. Because I'm a terrible over-sharer, I will of course report back what you tell me, so you can see it all for yourself.

Survey data is stronger the more people participate, so please: consider taking this survey. It will really help me out.

Thanks, folks--

Jeff Alworth2 Comments