A Father's Day Twofer

Next Sunday (June 18) is Father's Day. I would be remiss if I didn't suggest a couple of titles you might consider for dear old dad. The first is my newly-released The Secrets of Master Brewers, which is ostensibly a homebrew book. In fact, it's great for anyone who has a deep interest in understanding the beer traditions of the world. There are formulations and instructions for 26 beer archetypes from seven countries, but these instructions are surrounded by a longer discussion of the nature of the beers, where they came from historically and regionally, and the philosophy of the people who made them. You'll find notes from some of the world's best brewers--at breweries famous for the very beers I discuss.

One of the truly essential books on modern brewing, period. No other book, aimed at professionals or homebrewers, could improve your brewing as much as this one will.
— Ben Edmunds (Breakside Brewery), who discusses hoppy American ales

Copies available at your local bookseller, or at a discount on Amazon.

Also consider The Beer Bible if your old man doesn't own a copy. I've probably rattled on long enough about it that you know the shtick. It is the most comprehensive book on beer available today, and one I tried to make enjoyable and accessible. If nothing else,look it offers size and heft as a gift, which makes it look impressive. You can definitely find it at your local bookseller, or seize the absurdly low price Amazon offers.

It’s a reference source, but also a box of treats, to be dipped into for inspiration or diversion.... It’s a delight to find a book about beer that covers the subject in such breadth and depth at the same time as making it seem fresh and new again.
— Pete Brown, in his reveiw at All About Beer

Oh, and while we're at it, why not mention Cider Made Simple? It's my second book, and one that will illuminate the history, regional differences, production, and sensory elements of cider. It is one of the few descriptive books not written for the aspiring cider maker. Amazon also has it at a low, low price.

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