Hello, all, and welcome to the new digs. I first founded the Beervana blog in February 2006, and it has lived as a Blogspot domain throughout its life. You may imagine that it wasn't so tacky to have a blogspot blog in 2006, but you'd be wrong. Perhaps not as tacky, but tacky nonetheless. This blog has been a long time coming.

Please look around, click on the links, and especially, have a look at the archived posts. I spent a fair amount of time digging through the 3000+ posts to find the ones that were still relevant--and some of the old stuff was pretty good! You'll find all the content that existed on the old site, including comments, here, plus things like a nice, new listing of my books, recommended blogs, and info about me and some of the stuff I do. Some of the older material may have funky layout and missing photos, but hey, who am I kidding?--you're not going to be rummaging around in my posts from 2009.

Special thanks to Chris McClellan (The Brew Enthusiast), who put this site together. He migrated the old material here, and helped me find a visual aesthetic that was both elegant but familiar, and did all the technical work in setting it up. I couldn't be happier--thanks, Chris.

Please update your bookmarks and please come visit me sometime--