I'd Like to Thank the Academy

The North American Guild of Beer Writers announced their annual awards this morning, and the judges saw fit to acknowledge a few things I wrote last year. These awards do not move sales, and outside the organization probably don't mean too much. But there is something very special about being honored by your colleagues. To everyone who gets up in the morning and tries to make the world of beer more interesting and understandable, my respect and thanks. It's such a pleasure to count you as my peers. So, let's talk bling.


The big win was first place in best book for The Secrets of Master Brewers. I consider myself mostly a book-writer, and most of my effort goes into book-writing. To be cited two years running (last year The Beer Bible grabbed first) is a huge, huge honor and validation. If you haven't picked up a copy, click on that link and lay your $16.34 down. It is as of a couple hours ago an award-winning title. Ron Pattinson took 2nd for Scotland, Vol 2, and Jeff Cioletti--my nomination for the most underrated writer in beer--took third with Beer FAQ.

This here blog took 2nd place, which is also a huge honor. Because, when I'm not thinking of myself as a book-writer, I'm thinking of myself as a blogger. This is the first time I entered Beervana, and I couldn't be happier. Breandán and Elisa at Belgian Smaak took home the gold and Badger Robin Shepard (Isthmus Newspaper) took third.

I also took third in the history category but, embarrassingly, can't remember for what. Updates as I discover.  Update: It was my "Classic Beer" column on Goose Island's Bourbon County Stout.

Patrick and I got honorable mention last year for the pod, but alas, were dishonorably discharged from the awards altogether this year. The judges giveth, and the judges painfully taketh away. We will have to improve.

The Guild received more entries than ever, and this corresponds to an ever-improving level of quality across the board. Go have a look at the winners and give them a little sugar.

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