Celebrating Independents Day

I am not typically a big rah-rah guy when it comes to promoting independently-owned breweries. The idea that consumers should spend too much of their time running purity tests on brewery ownership strikes me as--well, it's not really our responsibility. (Better to drink local, drink good, and drink on draft.) On the other hand, AB InBev decided to brand one of its faltering brands "America," a brazenly cynical move in which a foreign-owned company trades on cheap patriotism to hawk beer.

And that pisses me off.

So I propose that this weekend, rather than drink "America," you celebrate American beer. You know, good ol' American-owned, American-brewed beer. Independent beer. This seems a smart way to let the marketing brain trust from Leuven know how you feel about their offensive campaign. In fact, I'm going to turn the mic over to a fairly important figure in the history of our fair country and let him make the pitch:
“I use no porter or cheese in my family, but such as is made in America.”
For this weekend, anyway, let's follow his lead.

Happy Fourth, you all. Drink something good and American-made--