Irish Guinness vs. American Guinness

[Full disclosure. Diageo/Guinness paid for my trip to Dublin, including the flight and hotel. They bought me beers and food when I was out with brewery folks. Diageo Guinness are also a sponsor of this blog.]

Okay, this may be a bit gimmicky, but I wanted something on the internet to address this issue. My whole life I've heard, no matter where the Guinness is brewed, that Irish Guinness just tastes better than American Guinness. I decided to do a sensory test of this theory and while I was in Dublin last week, we put it to the test. For obvious reasons, we had to test can versus can. (If you believe a pint of freshly-pulled Guinness tastes better in the shadow of the brewery than at your local Irish-themed pub, well, of course it does.)

Here's Stephen Kilcullen, Global Director of Guinness Quality and one of the brewers at Guinness, walking us through the tasting. (I also sampled the two cans and agree with Stephen--but my palate is doubtlessly more crude than his and that counts for little.)

Sorry it cuts out there at the end--that was a videographer error. Stephen concludes by saying "I would absolutely, categorically struggle to tell them apart."