Photos of the Year

Each year since 1978, Alan McLeod has hosted a beer photo contest for the holidays.  The past two years I had scads of European brewery photos and cashed in for the win in 2011 with a Cantillon/koelschip pic.  Totally unfair.  I would have disqualified myself.  Fortunately, Alan did not, and I will go on my merry way for the next few decades as a happy loser.  (Unless I snag the "worst photo" some lucky year.)  You should totally enter the contest.

This year, Alan's only letting us send five pics.  Five!  Impossible.  I pulled out the bone saw and tore into the patient, but even unimaginable gore could not take me down to five.  So here are the three I couldn't exclude but also couldn't exclude.  My other entries will appear at some point in the next month over at The Good Beer Blog.  I wouldn't call them better, just more likely to appeal to the judge (purely speculatively).

Mt. Angel Abbey, which is adding a brewery, with hop
fields in the background.

Willamette Valley hop fields.

Jim Bicklein, the master brewer at Anheuser-Busch's
St. Louis brewery.  Gorgeous facility.