The Summer of Lagers

White Owl Social Club, 1305 SE 8th
Sat-Sun 11a to 9p
$20 = mug & 10 tix
Adults only

There haven't been this many lagers in Oregon since Weinhard bit the dust.  I don't know what Jung would say about it, but I know there's something in the collective unconscious.  I go to Germany and the Czech Republic, develop some kind of persistent lager itch, and glory be--brewers back home offer dozens of chances to scratch it.  If you have not, like me, been hoovering up these fine tipples, you have an excellent opportunity over the weekend: Lagerfest, an inaugural effort at showcasing some of these little lovelies.  You will see over to the right a list of the beers (click to enlarge), and therefore observe that it's long enough that even if you have been hoovering, there's plenty of reasons yet to go.