A Tune-up and a Question

At long last, I have had a chance to swab the decks on this garbage scow of a blog.  In a radical move, I've dumped the blogroll over in the left-hand column.  This was how we did things back in the early 2000s, when the internet was still run on a telegraph-based electronic chassis.  It was a stupid way to link between sites, and I mean that in the technical sense; it was not dynamic.  Links sat over there as the source sites mouldered or went off line.  No one clicked on them.  I have joined the late 2000s by adding the dynamic blogroll, which will take you to newly-updated posts.  Two categories, local and not local.  You might actually use the new version, and other bloggers will appreciate the traffic.

I'm also sorta halfty considering throwing the adsense widget back onto the site to see if I can earn my $4.93 a year.  As a now-unemployed writer, I can't sniff at a potential free pint of beer, even if it is just once annually.  The question is: how irritated would this make you on the following scale:
  1. I will refuse to come here so long as you have that abomination staring back at me.
  2. I think it's junky, cheap, and lame, but that's the nature of the internet.
  3. I probably wouldn't even realize you'd added it.
  4. I love this blog and not only do I support the idea, but I'll click the links so you can earn more money, you big, beautiful genius.
 I'd post this as a poll, but polldaddy has gone Wordpress and I don't have the time to find a widget.  But I would appreciate the feedback.