John Harris's New Brewery: Ecliptic

Yesterday afternoon, in a fascinating location at the far northern end of Mississippi Avenue, John Harris (who? oh, come on, John Harris) unveiled the name of his new brewery--Ecliptic.  If you're looking south by southwest, you have a fantastic view of downtown and the Fremont Bridge.  Due south to south by southeast, you see a magnificent industrial tableau representative of the neighborhood that continues on for dozens of blocks through tangles of freeway and rail track.  The building itself is a huge and pretty modern warehouse (1976, according to Portland Maps) that will offer Harris tons to work with.  The name, as you'll hear, has a metaphoric component.  Everyone who knew the word "ecliptic" raise your hands.  (Mine's at my side.)

Below is his announcement captured with murky audio on my iphone, and below that some clearer photos.

John Harris's New Brewery from Jeff Alworth on Vimeo.

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