Big and Little News of the Day

I somehow missed this:
Over the past decade, the alcohol levels of many beers has edged toward — or well into — the double digits. But a couple of new Bay Area brewing companies are betting that bigger is not always better.

Pete Slosberg of Pete’s Wicked Ale fame unveiled Mavericks “Not yet world famous session beers” on Feb. 8. ...Mavericks, meanwhile, is taking a more contemporary approach, with modern styles that include a Belgian-style wit, rye pale ale and chocolate porter. Mavericks is going all-in with session beers by specifically targeting 3.75 percent ABV, but Shelton would like to see them go lower. 
How much credit should go to Magnolia's Dave McLean?  (A lot, probably.)

Now, for something completely different, we turn to Gigantic Brewing, which digs into the archives for the new beer:
Brewers in the midlands of England would boil their barley wine ales longer to intensify their flavors. In making MASSIVE!, we used only British Halcyon pale malt and boiled it for eight hours, giving the beer a deep ruby color and rich malt flavor. Heavily hopped, MASSIVE! is a beer that can be enjoyed now for its intensity, or after years, and years, and years of aging… 12% ABV 
What's next--PeetermanDoble doble?