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Sweet 'do, ugly team.
Source: Denny Medley
Now that the mighty fighting Wisconsin Badgers have made an early exit, I can focus all my energy on the more athletic, entertaining Oregon Ducks. (Wisconsin alums who happen to be fans of basketball find their loyalty challenged when rooting for the Badgers. They do not play the beautiful game. They barely appear to be playing basketball. Lacking grace and athleticism, they apply the tools of Greco-Roman wrestling--headlocks, half-nelsons, leg clamps--to their graceful, athletic foes. It's a travesty, really, an offense against the sport.)

The Ducks, by contrast, are all kinds of athletic. As an added storyline for those who haven't been following along, one of their stars is Arsalan Kazemi, all the way from Isfahan. I understand he's the first Iranian to play Division 1 college ball in the US, and he's quite the talent, too, with a Kevin Love-like ability to get to the rebound. (He had 17 in the round one game.) It starts at 4/7pm, so crack an Oakshire or Ninkasi and get your quack on.

Big rebounding muscles.
Source: NY Daily News.

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