Instead of Guinness

It's St. Pádraig's Day today, the one evening when everyone feels compelled to order a Guinness at the pub.  We really don't have a huge range of alternatives.  But the (one, true, Dublin-based) Beer Nut gives us hope
The growth in Ireland's craft brewing scene seems to be concentrating in the north west at the moment: not terribly surprisingly since it's woefully under served with drinkable beer, though it's nice to see that some people at least think there's a market for something different. Tyrone's Red Hand brewery launches its first beer at The Brewer's House this coming weekend, while nearby Poker Tree is expected to be in production later this year, but Donegal has been quietly turning out the ales for a while now.  
He continues on, discussing Donegal and Kinnegar.  Good stuff: go read.