Sunday in Pictures: Cologne

Today's picture dump includes a few choice shots from the lovely city of Koln/Cologne.  Enjoy--

Many breweries keep a "library" of recent releases so they can track their beer and refer back to a particular shipment in case of complaints.  This is Reissdorf's. 

I was on my third glass of Fruh--you can tell by the tick marks left on the beer mat.

In Cologne, waiters carry trays around and replenish empties.  This works when 90+ percent of your beer (or all of it) is a single type.  Not recommended for a place like Apex.

German beer halls are just vast.  This is Gaffel.

They're called "stange" glasses, and every brewery has their own version--but they're always 2cl.  (At a euro eighty a pop, you can really tear through your budget with these little guys.)

If you ever go to Cologne, ascend the stairs at the Dom.  Spectacular.